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Prostitution, Solicitation of Prostitution, and Promoting / Promotion of Prostitution have become the “in” cases for law enforcement to file. Law enforcement realized that these cases generate publicity. People want to know who has been arrest for Prostitution. Local news media will place the arrests on their websites and on television. These arrests generate internet activity and increase the visibility of the agency involved in the arrests. Every time the Harris County Sheriff’s Department makes an arrest it is publicized. Sheriff Garcia believes Prostitution, Solicitation of Prostitution, and Promoting / Promotion of Prostitution cases are a platform that will help him get re-elected.

These cases are typically made with an undercover female posing as a prostitute on-line. A person or “John” will call the number and the undercover officer will arrange a meeting at a hotel room. Many times these hotel rooms have hidden cameras for video and sound. The undercover officer will attempt to make a deal for sex in exchange for money. Once the undercover officer believes the deal is agreed to, a buzz word is used and officers hiding in an adjoining room will make the arrest.

Technically, Prostitution, Solicitation of Prostitution, and Promoting / Promotion of Prostitution is an offer and acceptance of sex in exchange for money. The undercover officer will attempt to make the “John” verbalize his wishes. Law enforcement resources used in these cases is excessive. Many of the citizens and jurors find that the amount of resources dedicated to this particular crime offensive and wasteful–considering the amount of violent crime that occurs in our county. For example, in this case, a Halliburton executive was charged with prostitution. The entire exchange was recorded. When the jury heard that there were 28 members of law enforcement engaged in this operation they were appalled. One of the jurors asked Paul after the trial if “Crime in Harris County had come to a screeching halt?” Paul learned that many of the jurors were disappointed that those resources were being directed at this type of crime rather than solving murders and rapes.

The trend in law enforcement is to prosecute prostitution cases and then claim that you are fighting the “War on Child Exploitation.” For example, in this article,, the Sheriff made the following comments:

“News flash to those who think prostitution is a victimless crime: It’s a greedy industry that thrives on forced labor, drug addiction and sometimes even illegal imprisonment,” Sheriff Adrian Garcia said in a prepared statement. “Many of the reformed prostitutes who came through the Harris County Jail tell us that working the streets led them to using illegal drugs; others tell us they used illegal drugs and turned to prostitution to finance their illicit addictions.

While prostitution is an immoral concept and illegal in Harris County, the men that are being arrested are not pedophiles, pimps, or slave drivers. Most men are professionals who made a rare and bad decision to follow up on an ad they saw online. Ironically, many of the men who target the undercover officer prostitutes are doing so for the first time. Many times, men arrive at the designated location and decide that they do not want to engage in prostitution. Unfortunately, once that man steps foot in the designated location or hotel room, an arrest is going to occur regardless if the behavior qualifies as criminal prostitution or solicitation of a prostitute.

Prostitution Stings and

Recently, the Houston Police Department conducted a major sting that resulted in the arrest of over 100 people. Many of these stings are an elaborate setup at spas or other locations where vice officers are looking to lure people in. These type of stings are generally filled with legal issues. If you have been arrested for sting operation or a backpage ad you need an attorney who will thoroughly investigate the case. Paul Doyle attacks these types of stings, which has resulted in several dismissals and even the termination of law enforcement employees.


Paul Doyle has a history of success handling these types of cases. He handled what is considered to be the most publicized prostitution case in Harris County. His client, a Halliburton executive, was plastered on the cover of the Chronicle, in Culture Map, ABC 13, KPRC, KHOU, and other media outlets. The case was thought to be a “slam dunk”. After a thorough investigation, and despite what was on video and audio recordings, Paul convinced a jury that convicting this man was the wrong thing to do. Paul proved that the vice officer was not telling the truth and that his client had been entrapped.

Paul has had Prostitution, Solicitation of Prostitution, and Promoting / Promotion of Prostitution cases thrown out for a number of reasons. For example, many times the operations are designed to arrest a certain number of people. Because the officers are focused on quantity rather than quality, the cases are sloppy and not properly documented. Offense reports are written to sound like simple, straightforward prostitution cases, but the actual recorded exchange often does not reflect what is stated in the offense report. These discrepancies discredit the credibility of the investigation. There are times when recordings are not clear, video cameras are not used and phone calls are not recorded. Jurors tend to hold it against the state (as they should) when that type of evidence has not been collected. The resources being dumped into making mass arrest on Prostitution, Solicitation of Prostitution, and Promoting / Promotion of Prostitution case eliminate any excuse an officer could make for not properly documenting the arrest.

Paul has had Prostitution cases where the officer claimed he did not have a device capable of recording the conversation with the suspect. Paul subpoenaed records from prior arrests showing that the officer in fact did have a device to record. A prostitution charge has the potential to ruin a person’s life. Whether it be his marriage, his job or the opportunity to get another job, anyone accused of such a crime must hire the best person they can to defend the case.

Paul is one of the best prostitution defense lawyers in Houston, Texas and has a track record of success on these cases. Paul will fight for those accused of Prostitution.

Recent Prostitution Case Results and in the Media

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