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Criminal Trial Lawyer

Since Paul entered private practice, his results have been outstanding. Paul spent close to 7 years as a prosecutor and gained valuable experience. This experience provides Paul the ability to approach prosecutors in the most effective manner. Further, Paul boasts a reputation among prosecutors that he is unafraid to go to trial if the client is not getting the desired result. Paul’s approach and reputation with the prosecutors have produced a staggering number of dismissals. However, there are cases where trial is the only option and Paul loves the challenge of convincing a jury to do the right thing.

Driving While Intoxicated and Intoxication Manslaughter/ Assault Experience

Please see the results page of this website to see how Paul’s experience in this area translates to results for Paul’s clients.

Paul spent years training prosecutors and police officers on how to conduct intoxication-related investigations. He taught prosecutors how to best present these cases to a jury. Paul was chosen to teach these members of law enforcement because of his knowledge in DWI law and crash reconstruction.

On top of his regular duties as a prosecutor, Paul was a member of the “Vehicular Assault Team.” As a member of the team, Paul would respond to accident scenes that involved fatalities. Paul saw first hand how the scenes were investigated. The scenes are rarely properly investigated merely because of the time sensitive nature of clearing a highway. Skid marks are misinterpreted and at times attributed to the wrong vehicle. There are a number of other factors that go into an accident scene investigation and Paul’s understands complicated factors that create a competent/incompetent investigation.

Coveted Special Crimes Experience- Narcotics/ White Collar Fraud/ Murder


As a prosecutor in the elite Special Crimes Bureau, Paul worked hand in hand with officers handling the largest narcotics cases in the county. Many of Paul’s investigations ended up in the Federal system. Paul was on call 24 hours a day for questions regarding legal issues. Paul advised narcotics officers on search and seizure issues, drafting of search warrants, links, informant issues, “wall off” investigations, and many other issues that arise in narcotics investigations. Through this experience, Paul can quickly identify “problems” for people charge with drug possession cases. Paul also knows the reputation of the officers working the cases. This is important because there are some that are known for cutting corners and not being honest. If you look at Paul’s result page, you will see the huge level of success Paul has had defending drug possession and delivery cases.

White Collar Fraud Cases – Major Fraud- Theft

In large fraud/theft cases, the truth lies in the details. Paul successfully investigated and prosecuted White Collar Fraud/ Theft cases while he was in Special Crimes. These cases require time-intensive investigations. Many times people are charged with these types of cases because their employer or customer believes something illegal has occurred. The people complaining do not want to spend money on a lawyer to prosecute the case in civil court so they try and use the government to do it for them. There is a very fine line between what should be considered civil versus what is criminal. Paul has the ability to identify what case should be in the criminal system versus what belongs in the civil court system.

In order to evaluate white collar fraud/theft cases, your attorney needs to have the ability to understand what should have been done up front in order to file a case. For example, was the money trail properly documented? Are the bank statements in admissible format and are they relevant? What type of transaction was it? What is customary for the type of business the person was engaged in- i.e. what is the normal course of business? Did the government get the “the other side of the story” or did they solely rely on the person complaining? Who generated the documents the government is relying upon- the complainant or the government? Is the real culprit deflecting responsibility by pointing the finger at you? Where does the money trail take you? What assumptions does the government make in order to file the case (white collar cases CANNOT be made on assumptions)?

Innocent people can find themselves charged with a very serious crime if these cases are not prepared properly. Why is the work not done up front even though it should have been done? The answer is simple- man power. Many agencies do not have the time and people required to properly work these cases properly. On major theft cases, the average citizen can’t drive up to a store front police station and ask for the case to be investigated. These cases take time and require a completely different skill set than the average officer has. Paul has that skill set. Paul studied accounting and economics at Rice University. He investigated these cases as a prosecutor. Paul has the skill set necessary to effectively defend white collar fraud/theft cases.

Civil Experience

Paul’s focus is criminal defense but his trial skills and prior civil experience allows him to handle civil matters. Paul’s father, James E. Doyle, is regarded as one of the top civil trial lawyers in the country.

Since entering private practice, Paul has had a steady flow of civil cases where his trial skills translate to success for his clients.

A Rice degree, a University of Texas law degree, training under some of the best civil trial attorneys, real trial experience in the trenches of the Criminal Justice Center, and being raised by one of the best trial lawyers around (his father James E. Doyle), Paul has all of the tools to make sure his clients are taken care.Contact Paul Doyle today for a case evaluation. 

Legal Experiences & Awards

Special Crimes Bureau: Was assigned to the prestigious Special Crimes Division of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office where I handled major narcotics trafficking cases and investigations within Harris County. I worked closely with DEA, HPD, HCSO, FBI, Secret Service and all law enforcement agencies in Harris County.

Vehicular Assault Team Member: One of six prosecutors selected to be a member of the Harris County Vehicular Assault Team, a first of its kind division where we responded to vehicular related homicide cases and worked hand-in-hand with law enforcement to insure that the cases were properly investigated and prosecuted.

Texas District and County Attorney Association Faculty Member, TDCAA is responsible for the training of all prosecutors in the state. I was selected to represent Harris County District Attorney’s office to aid in the training of prosecutors in Texas.

Prosecution Experience: I have successfully prosecuted cases ranging from DWI to Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault to Child, Intoxication Manslaughter, Multi-Kilo Cocaine Delivery, Aggravated Robbery to Murder. I have tried over 50 felony and misdemeanor jury trials with over a 95% conviction rate. I served as Deputy Chief of the Misdemeanor Division where I supervised 50 misdemeanor prosecutors and 15 misdemeanor courts. I was Chief of the Justice of the Peace Division where I supervised all JP courts in Harris County. I have testified on behalf of Harris County District Attorney’s Office to the Legislature in Austin regarding legislation we support. I have prosecuted cases that have been covered by Dateline, People Magazine, Nightline.

Texas Narcotics Officer’s Association, Member

Drug Enforcement Administration, US Department of Justice, Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Drug Law Enforcement

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