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Facing criminal charges for aggravated sexual assault can be incredibly daunting. 

In addition to jail time and monetary fines, you are facing reputational damage and the prospect of being a registered sex offender. 

Houston, TX, aggravated sexual assault defense lawyer Paul H. Doyle has been winning these cases since 2010. 

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An Aggravated Conviction Carries Massive Consequences

The Texas Penal Code is very clear that the punishments for aggravated sexual assault are incredibly severe. If convicted of this sex crime as a first-degree felony, you will be facing a prison sentence ranging anywhere from 5 to 99 years in length and a maximum fine of $10,000. 

You would also be forced into lifetime sex offender registration. A registered sex offender must present to law enforcement and submit to fingerprinting, picture taking, and a DNA sample. Much of this information is made available to the public, resulting in life-long consequences that often include difficulties in finding employment and housing.

Even a second-degree felony sex crime conviction in Texas can carry a $10,000 fine and 20 years in prison. As you can see, these charges can be totally ruinous. Our Houston defense lawyers' office is here to protect you from prison, fines, and sex offender registration.

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Paul Has Won Many Sex Crimes Cases

Paul's noteworthy verdicts and results include hundreds of his successes as a criminal defense lawyer. This includes 14 different sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault cases he has won. 

Investigation Declined

After a police officer was accused of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, our criminal defense attorney presented a compelling case in front of a grand jury that led the grand jury to decline to investigate further.

Case Dismissed

Our sexual assault lawyer mounted a successful criminal defense by demonstrating that the complainant had made false allegations of sexual assault at the urging of their mother.

Charge Reduction

Our Houston sexual assault attorney had his client's aggravated charges for sexual assault of a child reduced to a non-registration offense that resulted in absolutely zero jail time. 

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More Sex Crime Victories

Achieved By Our Sexual Assault Attorney

Our sexual assault attorney has won many cases in which he defended high-profile clients, including in sex crime cases. One of his clients was a celebrity under investigation for sexual assault. Paul prevented charges from ever being filed by law enforcement and persuaded a grand jury that there was not enough evidence to indict his client. 

In another case dismissal, this one achieved in 2022, Paul represented a client who had consensual sexual relations multiple times with an individual they met on a dating site. After their last meeting, the complainant alleged that Paul's client forced her to have anal sex and beat her. 

The defendant initially hired another lawyer to fight these sexual assault charges, but this attorney proved inadequate. The defendant then retained Paul for trial. In court, Paul presented evidence of a consensual relationship, leading to a total dismissal of the sexual assault charges.

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Deeply knowledgeable about all relevant aspects of the Texas Penal Code, our attorney does everything in his power to help clients find freedom and clear their names. Call or write to him so you can fight your sexual assault charges with the help of a truly proven lawyer.

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The Primary Defenses  Against This Sex Crime

The main defenses against such allegations are that the interaction was consensual, the allegations are false, or there is a mistaken identity.

Consensual Act

Consent is generally the primary issue in sexual assault cases. The prosecutor will often have to attempt to prove non-consent through circumstantial evidence. Paul will uncover all the facts and fight to bring reasonable doubt to the issue of consent. He may seek to do this through the compilation of communications or by hiring medical experts to see if bodily harm is inconsistent with nonconsensual relations.

False Allegation

False allegations are common in sexual assault cases, often arising during nasty divorce proceedings, a custody dispute, or a breakup. Paul believes the best way to confront false allegations is to fight fire with fire. Paul will aggressively dive into the entire circumstance of the accusation and uncover the bias or improper motivations of the accuser.

Mistaken Identity

Being accused of sexual assault due to mistaken identity is the stuff of nightmares. Unfortunately, this is not unheard of. The most common reason for this is eyewitness testimony that proves to be false. Paul can conduct thorough research and cross-examine the defense's key witnesses to look for any inconsistencies that may help demonstrate they wrongly identified you as the perpetrator.

Paul's Background Helps Him Win

In this short video, our Houston criminal defense attorney explains how his background as a prosecutor helps him win complex cases as a sexual assault lawyer who now helps the accused.
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