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Health Care Fraud

Have you been accused of healthcare fraud? Has your business been raided by the authorities?

Health care fraud investigations are aggressively increasing and actively seeking to prosecute providers.

Our dedicated attorneys Paul Doyle and Trevor Sharon in Houston, TX, can build you a successful defense.

The False Claims Act

Under The False Claims Act, it is a federal offense to commit healthcare fraud. This fraud is defined as a health care provider knowingly and willingly filing false claims or defrauding a healthcare program. Many health care fraud charges under the False Claims Act deal with Medicare and Medicaid.

Anti-Kickback Statute

The Anti-Kickback statutes specify that it is illegal for medical professionals to “knowingly and willingly” accept bribes or remuneration for the referral of patients. This includes specifically targeting federal health care programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare. Referrals are a significant aspect of the health care industry causing Anti-Kickback laws to place immense pressure on providers.

There are “safe harbors’ or exceptions to the Anti-Kickback statutes, however, they require strict qualifications. A lapse in attention toward these qualifications could suddenly launch a criminal investigation. These investigations blanket individuals at all levels of the industry, independent of their involvement.

Why You Need A Defense Attorney

Health care fraud is an incredibly serious and complicated matter. While similar business practices may be acceptable in other fields, the healthcare industry is highly regulated and heavily scrutinized. If you have been contacted by federal investigators you should contact an attorney right away. Our Houston, TX, lawyers can help guide you through the complicated process and divert the serious criminal allegations that often follow a federal health care investigation by:

Building Your Case

One of the biggest mistakes people can make is witness tampering. Even innocent people want to have a coherent story, but that can look bad to investigators. An attorney will get witnesses together and will reveal the coherent story in an appropriate manner. If you do it yourself, it is a federal crime.

Protecting Your Rights

Our healthcare fraud attorneys understand the intricacies of fraud law. When dealing with a conglomerate like the healthcare system, you will need someone in your corner who has the knowledge and experience to build your case and fight for your rights and freedom.

Limiting Client Exposure

The more information available, the stronger a case can be built. Therefore, it is important to have a lawyer who has the ability to digest what is alleged in detail in order to avoid and or limit the client’s exposure. Many times this translates to countless hours reviewing thousands of documents.

Lawyers You Can Trust To Protect Your Rights and Freedom

If you are a health care provider who has been accused of healthcare fraud, you need to hire an experienced, trusted attorney. Our attorneys Paul Doyle and Trevor Sharon have over ten years of experience practicing law. They understand what it takes to build a successful case to protect you and your freedom. 

We offer free consultations for all our clients. During this consultation with our law firm, one of our lawyers will review the details of your case, be honest about their perceived outcome, and offer advice on the next steps.

If you have been charged with health care fraud, call our Houston, TX, law firm to request your free consultation.

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How Will I Know I'm Under Investigation?

Office Raid

The biggest indication to know if you are under investigation for fraud is federal officials will come to raid your place of work. Typically they will take documents, hold interviews, but make no arrests.

Medicare Audit

A medicare auditor could look into a group of your patients to see if the billed treatments and prescriptions were medically necessary. Anything fraudulent could lead to a loss of your Medicare or Medicaid number and prosecution.

Company Indictment

If a company that you have been working with has been indicted, it is possible they could find evidence that links you to their case and lead to you being under investigation.

Hiring a health care lawyer is the first thing you should do when you are under investigation for health care fraud. Too many people try and build a credible story by talking to other witnesses, when often, those witnesses are already working with federal investigators. By not hiring an attorney and attempting to handle the fraud charges yourself, you open yourself up to looking guilty and being accused of witness tampering, which is a federal crime.

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