Child Pornography

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Federal child pornography charges are filed against a wide-range of people within society and carry a heavy social stigma and an even heavier criminal penalty. Maximum sentences range from 5 years to life imprisonment along with lifetime registration as a sex offender. If you have been caught possessing child pornography the fight is not over. Paul Doyle will thoroughly investigate this case and challenge every detail of the government’s accusation.

The typical child pornography investigation involves an agent placing illegal images on a bit torrent or file sharing site, track the people who download the illegal images to their registered IP address, law enforcement then obtains a search warrant, searches the person’s home and seizes the computers, and then law enforcement attempts to get a confession from the person. This last step is incredibly important because law enforcement has to prove that you knowingly possessed every image they are charging you with. Never talk to law enforcement without an attorney present.

In a Federal Case, you will typically be indicted on three counts:

1)    Possession of Child Pornography

2)    Distribution of Child Pornography

3)    Receipt of Child Pornography

Possession of Child Pornography carries a punishment of 0-10 years in Federal prison. It is typical that a person convicted of Possession of Child Pornography will “guideline out” near the maximum sentence. This is because many of the aggravating factors the Sentencing Guidelines uses to determine the punishment are inherent in the crime itself. For example, the fact that a computer was used to possess the illegal image aggravates the crimes. It is important that these enhancements are challenged by your attorney.

Both Distribution and Receipt of Child Pornography carry minimum sentences of at least 5 years in prison and up to 20 years. Even though you may have never intended on distributing or never actually sent out an illegal image, the government will look to charge you with distribution. To make their case, the government typically will look at the method you received the illegal image. Most bit torrent sites require that you share your image while downloading. The government will attempt to tack on the additional distribution charge claiming that the downloader had knowledge that he was distributing the illegal image. Paul Doyle challenges the government for this charge and employs forensic experts who can often prove that the sharing was unknowing or non-existent.

Even if you do admit to or are charged with possession of cpossessionhild pornography the fight is not over. Experienced federal attorney, Paul Doyle, can help fight harsh probation restrictions, excess charges, such as distribution of child pornography, and lengthy prison terms.

If you are facing child pornography charges, federal or state, contact an experienced federal child pornography defense attorney. Paul Doyleunderstands the sensitivity of the charges, and he will handle your case with the utmost importance.

Recent Case Results

  • United States v. _______, Distribution of Child Pornography and Possession of Child Pornography, 03/16, Dismissal of Distribution of Child Pornography charge and under Guideline sentence
  • State of Texas vs. ______, Possession of Child Pornography, 06/14, Reduced to a non-sexual registration offense and no jail time
  • State of Texas vs._______, Possession of Child Pornography, 05/15, DISMISSED
  • State of Texas vs. ______, Possession of Child Pornography, 04/14, DISMISSED
  • State of Texas vs. ______, Possession of Child Porn (3 Counts), Deferred Adjudication and no Jail Time.