Our Process

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Our Process for Success

At Paul Doyle & Associates, P.C., we believe in fully committing the time, attention, and focus necessary to be successful in every case. Through each step of your legal fight, our process ensures you are heard and that the best outcome is reached.

It all begins with a complimentary consultation where we learn all of the details of your case, get to know more about you, and provide you a clear picture of the process moving forward. A face to face meeting provides us an opportunity to get to know you and other family members and colleagues connected to you and your case.

We know it is key to hear your story in full and to get a full understanding of everything the state has. Having complete knowledge of your case as well as the full scope of evidence held by the prosecution, allows us to create a plan. Having the right plan in place allows our team to be ready for any unknowns and challenges that may arise. Our team will work to collect any evidence, file subpoenas, and complete investigations necessary for success.

We quote a fee based on the understood cost of bringing a case with the highest likelihood of success in front of a jury. Once the agreement is finalized, we will immediately begin working for the client’s defense.