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As a prosecutor in the Major Offenders Division, Paul handled cases from the investigative phase of the case all the way through trial. The majority of criminal cases that are filed on a daily basis happen at the time the crime occurs. For example, a DWI charge typically happens immediately on the side of the road. The officer determines probable cause that the person was driving while intoxicated and then makes the arrest.

Conversely, more complicated investigations like fraud, theft, murder, child sexual abuse, or assault can take months, if not years, to investigate. Law enforcement has a limited amount of man power and therefore cannot provide the time and attention necessary to fully investigate a case. This can lead to a case not being filed or a person charged with a crime that is in fact innocent.

Paul is regularly hired by companies and individuals to assist law enforcement in these types of investigations. Paul will work to make sure all of the facts are made available and that the authorities see the entire story. Paul has been hired by victims as well as people who are under investigations. Regardless, Paul knows what to look for to make sure the authorities are told the entire story.