Bank Fraud; Wire Fraud; Mortgage Fraud

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At first blush, there is not a more straightforward crime than wire and bank fraud. In general, if a person lies, defrauds, or tries to complete a plan to defraud, or gains a financial benefit by fraud, she could be charged with bank or wire fraud. If this is done via the phone, the web, electronically, or in the mail to a financial institution, she could be prosecuted by the government. Further, prosecutors generally attach a money laundering charge to these white collar crimes adding an additional layer of potential penalties.

Obviously, there is more to this crime. These alleged fraudulent schemes or plans that the government investigates can be very complicated and typically the government looks to find multiple parties to the offense so they can create a “conspiracy”. The government will then threaten prosecution for any form of assistance that “furthers” the conspiracy. It is common to see an indictment with many counts by alleging each and every act that furthers the conspiracy.

We have defended a load of federal fraud cases, including mortgage fraud, and no matter how complex, they all seem to be controlled by one basic investigatory rule: Follow The Money. Documents always tell the truth, but documents can be interpreted, analyzed and put into context. Sometimes the only thing that connects an individual to the voluminous documents that make up the alleged fraud is one signature. But trust the FBI to float down the river of money when determining who is at fault.

Having experience in prosecuting white collar cases and having worked with the FBI before, Paul takes and experienced and strategic approach in defending these types of cases. These fraud cases included mortgage fraud, bank fraud, Medicare fraud and welfare fraud. In fraud cases, the first decision you make could be the most important. This decision could included whether or not you should even talk to the government if they come knocking. Ultimately, the government is going to follow the money trail. In complex transactions there are many documents which are subject to interpretation but the money trail will be the deciding factor. This rings true with most federal law enforcement agencies.

There are countless stories of individuals who find themselves in the middle of a scheme that they had no idea was illegal or fraudulent. Organizers regularly keep their employees in the dark in order to conceal the fraud. Federal law enforcement agents traditionally cast a wide net because they are unaware of who knows what and to what extent. Therefore, it is important to have a lawyer who has the ability to digest what is alleged in detail in order to avoid and or limit the client’s exposure. Many times this translates to countless hours reviewing thousands of documents.

While the concept of Bank and Wire Fraud seems simple, fighting the case is not. It is imperative that you hire experienced, qualified, and thorough counsel. Having worked on the inside of many of these investigations as well as successfully defended against these investigations, Paul Doyle has the experience and work ethic required to properly defend these cases.