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“Sex crimes” encompass a multitude of acts, all of which may be split into 2 main categories contingent on the age of the alleged victim. If the alleged victim was under the age of 17 then the case is categorized as a sex crime against children. Anyone older than 17 then the case is categorized as a sex crime against adults. Successful defense strategies require extensive investigation into what actually occurred. Reasonably, a sexual assault case that took place at a party in a college dorm calls for a completely different defense tactic than a case involving an allegation of sexual abuse that arose out of a custody battle.

This section details the prosecution and defense of sex crimes involving adults only, that is, crimes where the accused and the complaining witness are both over 17 years old. Examples of these crimes are:

The Defense Approach

Sexual assault cases are often oversimplified in an effort to find the truth of what happened. It may be that all the evidence indicates there was consensual sexual contact. Regardless, if an individual believes he or she was raped, such a claim is nearly irrefutable. Sexual assault allegations are personal, often obscuring the role played by each individual involved and the established relationships between them. A protective mother attesting to sexual child abuse allegations may also be a spiteful lover. Such harsh accusations often result in lines being drawn elsewhere: either you believe it or you don’t, either you’re with me or against me. Law enforcement and prosecutors do not often think to deny a victim’s allegations of sexual assault. The allegations are taken seriously, and as such, it should be commonly known that the situation is often far more complicated than it seems.

Paul has successfully dealt with a number of cases involving sexual assault. His work at the Harris County District Attorney’s office has primed him with key knowledge of how prosecutors approach a case. Paul knows that there are two sides to every story, that of law enforcement and that of the person being accused. Prosecutors that receive sexual assault cases are often only initially given law enforcement’s version of events. Nearly every sexual assault case involves some miscommunication or distortion of facts. Paul is familiar with analyzing the details in order to determine what truly happened.

Because each allegation is different, Paul’s defense approach varies depending on the case at hand. The relationship between the parties involved is notably significant in pointing to how a case should be handled. Allegations of a husband sexually assaulting his wife are different than allegations involving alcohol intoxication are different than allegations of date rape. Accordingly, the factors that complicate heterosexual relationships are present in same sex relationships as well. Often, issues in communication play a big factor.

Once hired, Paul will be the only person communicating with law enforcement about your case. Sex crime cases require attention to detail because even the slightest of flaws in the State’s case can inhibit proof for a case “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.” Paul will fight for justice and do the work required to obtain a just result.